Did a small business need “agency” support 10 years ago? No. But they also didn’t need photoshoots, Instagram Reels, and Facebook ads back then either. Business is different, and here is how an agency can help you adapt.

1. We absorb huge costs for your business 

Hiring, training, software… So many small businesses make the investment to hire only to have their candidate leave 8 months later causing your company to start again from scratch. So frustrating. Now all those problems, are our problems. Your operations stay smooth and continuous.

2. We have experts for every task 

I hear all the time how people want to hire ONE, organized admin who can write social posts, edit video, design, manage ads…🤣 (This person does not really exist. If they did, they’d be running their OWN company.) But when you hire an agency you’re getting all those professionals in a single phone call, and you get high standard outcomes on all those deliverables. You get SKILL and execution.

3. You only pay for us when you need us 

If you’re a seasonal business, or you only need support when you launch a new product, or if you want to cut back when business is slow, you can tailor your package to your needs. Employees need stability, but an agency is flexible.

4. You get perspective 

Fresh eyes that see your company from the outside. In most cases, we have or had clients in your industry and we already know what works and doesn’t work. We can be more responsive to changes in platforms and advertising opportunities, we’re confident and can push your goals.

5. We can correct some of your businesses bad habits 

Most businesses don’t have their back end operations very “clean”. (For example, do you have your logo files, brand colours and web passwords organized? I bet you don’t.) Working with an agency helps to professionalize your workflows and reduces the time lost to many of these more menial tasks.

An agency will generally give you a single account manager so that you have a specific person to collaborate with, who knows you and your business.  Behind the scenes, they may be leading a team of as many as 8 people to ensure that your business is getting the best outcomes in a quick and efficient way.

An agency can help you scale your business in a way that a single contractor or professional can’t.

A consultation with us is FREE. We can talk about your business and tailor a plan for you – whether it’s just 3 hours of design time or a massive campaign for a product launch.

Get professionals on it today. 😎

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