So many interesting things go on behind the scenes of a photoshoot.  Firstly, there’s the planning process, which includes everything from the creation of a style board to set the tone of the shoot, and to help the photographers capture a set of images with a unified atmosphere, to the creation and collection of various props.

Next comes the preparation of the subject matter, which is meticulously styled and positioned to create aesthetically pleasing compositions.  Insuring the scene has proper lighting (or knowing how to position objects in relation to the lighting available) is also key to taking beautiful photographs.

Finally, the photographs can be taken (all the while keeping in mind the wishes of the client, and the purpose of the pictures).

The wonderful photographers at Brand Ambition are no exception to this scrupulous process.  Check out these behind-the-scenes pictures of the photoshoot Nicole McGarry hired Brand Ambition to do for the café she runs in downtown Bowmanville – The Toasted Walnut.  The photographs turned out beautifully, and it was so much fun to watch them work.

Behind The Scenes ~

Final Images ~