OBJECTIVE:  To Create Social Media Content,  Images For Magazine Ad, Images for Magazine Spread, Images for Facebook Ads

BRAND NOTES: Tamarra is still in the early stages of growing her business, and so she wants to carefully manage the visuals as her reputation is being formed.  Careful staging of the store occurred to ensure that an accurate representation of her products and “eclectic, modern, french-country brand” we on display.


  1. STAGING:Some of the images show staged display areas.  If you own a store yourself, make sure that products are displayed – not just in shelves – but in styled groupings that look like they would in someone’s home.  This helps the customer visualize the items in use, and also creates the impression that the classy design of the store can be felt at home – if the customer BUYS.
  2. FACEBOOK ADS: Some of the images may look “boring” at face value.  These are the pictures that will be turned into facebook ads.  The large amount of blank space will have text written over it – announcing a sale, store hours, or even featuring the logo.  Images like this are counter-intuitive for photographers to take – as they tend to look unfinished, but they really shine on social media!
  3. UPDATE WITH THE SEASONS:  This photoshoot is the first of many, and Tamarra will have us in again in the fall to take images for Christmas.  Make sure that your images are consistent with the time of year.  Not many shots can be “evergreen”.  If you are in the retail industry, Christmas images are a must.


Profile: Bella Fleur Boutique: Owner - Tamarra Skinner

Bella Fleur Boutique is a stunning interior decor shop in downtown Bowmanville.  Tamarra’s store, and brand is an eclectic mix of french country, and modern design.  Her displays resonate with customers, making them feel like each piece was designed for their own home.

Services Purchased:

  • Branding package
  • One Page website
  • Design Packs
  • Photoshoots
  • Print