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We’ve been spending the summer transitioning our in person programming to an online platform.

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Discover your brand voice

With these 3 simple exercises, you’ll get insight into your brand voice, and brainstorm 100’s of brand-rich social media posts.

In 6 years of working with real life entrepreneurs and business owners, these exercises are the most powerful tools we have built for discovering who our clients really are.

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Social Media Strategies for Small Business


For real business owners with real social media needs. If both you and your competitor are posting the same amount, how can you stand out? How can your content, strategies and execution be better? Here’s how!

Social Media for REAL!

Social Media for Customer Loyalty & Retention

(Realtor Focused)

 Lots of agents are posting their listings on social media. But are your accounts actually a business asset? Are they producing ROI? Learn how you can use your social for reliable client retention goals, and protect your sales funnel from poachers! 

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Join Our Next Collaborative Shoot

A ROMANTIC COFFEE SHOP... Our August styled shoot will be at the trendy and visually stunning ROAM Coffee in downtown Bowmanville. Join us, and through the power of collaboration, you can get an upscale, beautiful shoot for a fraction of the price! We can make this...

Rose Hill Farm Collaborative Shoot

This creative partnership between 3 different businesses, provided the perfect backdrop and story for incredible content creation.

Kim & Shannon Real Estate Team – Branding

These returning clients were looking for a more mature and sophisticated brand update. Designed to match some of the interior design trends that make for classic homes…

Kirstie Griffiths Chiropractor & Yoga – Branding

This chiropractor has loved her long time logo. Can we soften the sharp angles and update this brand to feel modern and comfortable?

Dave Meredith Consulting – Branding

Municipal planning and land development consultant Dave Meredith gets a brand that matches his experience in the industry…

Kayleigh Chambers – Realtor Photoshoot

We are often asked about building minimalist brands – usually only in black and white. This photoshoot is a good inspiration for anyone considering that highly minimalist, industrial look.

One Logo Concept

One single change to our process resulted in nearly DOUBLING our client satisfaction. Are you using this methodology to deliver your branding projects?

Waxco Website

The WaxCo brand is fresh clean and bright, and we knew the website had to evoke the same feelings. Check out how we utilized their photoshoot and embraced white space in this user friendly design.