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From a complete brand overhaul to social media graphics or brochures, our design department is there when you need us.

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Branding &
Graphic Design

Brand Positioning

It’s not just pretty colours.  We apply our understanding of consumer behaviour, colour psychology and industry trends to determine how a new brand should look.
We use a variety of elements to determine the look of your branding.

Your Account Manager will guide you through our process to position your brand as dynamically as possible.  We want you to be memorable, and distinctive in your marketplace.  


We want to ensure that your branding stands out from your primary competitor, offering clients clear choice.


Understanding the personality of the business is essential to creating a look that is authentic and mirrors the feel of the ultimate client experience.


Colours and brand aesthetics help make clients emotionally ready to buy.  Stir or satisfy subconscious needs with your look.


Your brand look and consistency can help prepare your clients for certain price points.  Avoid sticker shock with a balance between your look & fees.

Who is doing it?

Creating a brand is a foundational marketing activity that should come before many other initiatives. Businesses that are benefiting the most from (re)branding include professionals who are:

Inheriting a family business & need an updated look


Increasing their price point


Changing their area of expertise or specializing


Looking to build personal recognition in crowded fields


In creative or design-related fields that require an on-trend look.

Grow authority

We have a special strategy for you, if YOU are your brand.  Our experts can help you nurture online perceptions so that clients recognize you as an in-demand expert.

Brand Recognition

The first step is getting consistent with colours, imagery, and professional pictures of YOU.  Ensure your clients know its you from one exposure to another, and grow that brand equity.

Demonstrate Authority

We offer our clients guidelines and a step-by-step strategy for growing their authority as part of their brand.  Our experts will adapt it to your industry, personality & stage of business, and help you plan and execute a professional reputation.

Build Trust & Relationships

In the age of social media, people want to work with people that they know, like & trust.  We can help you bring the personal touch to your brand in a way that protects your personal life and grows your business.

Book a free consultation with one of our Account Managers.  They can evaluate what strategies will work best for you, and the scope of your project for sliding-scale pricing.

Just a trend?

Ten years ago, if you were asked to name a few brands, you would probably pick names like Nike, Coca-Cola, or Apple.  Print, radio and tv commercial pricing kept small business out of the picture.  So only the BIG GUYS could afford to be in front of the client enough to shape their thinking.

But social media is changing the game.

Now the smallest business has afforable access to their client EVERY DAY.  This means the power of branding is accessible to small business for the first time.  You can shape the way your clients think and talk about your company, which means its WORTH making the investment to professionally shape that message and aesthetic.

Branding isn’t a trend. It’s available for the first time.

Referrals Count

My name is Marie Stevens, and I am a lash educator.  I took social media and business workshops with Brand Ambition and decided to have them brand my business.  I absolutely loved my new look.  After releasing it, and implementing some of BA’s suggestions, I filled my entire wedding calendar for the next year.  

As my business continued to grow, I engaged Brand Ambition again to help me take my business online.  Soon I’ll be launching a sales funnel and online courses that will take my business to the next level. 

I am so happy with everything I have experienced so far, and have recommended Brand Ambition to other companies including my husband’s company, Silver Creek Farms! 

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