Are you confusing your branding with your marketing?

There are so many professionals online that throw around complicated industry terms its hard to know where you should put your focus. Here is one of the best visuals we’ve seen to help clarify where you should be investing time and energy.

Brand Identity (Strategy)

Your Brand Identity is the most long term and permanent representation of your business. Your brand identity should be developed from your mission and value statements. Your logo design, colour palette and other brand elements should all be consistent – creating a matching mood. This is the personality of your business, and once you establish it – you shouldn’t mess with it. Stability is key.

Campaign Strategy

Your campaigns are much more flexible. They should be developed based on new product releases, speaking to more targeted groups, and solving problems.

For example:

If you are a holistic health clinic, you maybe able to summarize your brand with the tagline “Peace is found when we go within”. This tells people about your mission, how you help people, and the long term purpose of your company.

But you also have a lot of practitioners, events and services to promote. And that’s where the campaigns can come into play. Each one can have focused messaging that orbits around your brand identity.

This is how we would visualize your annual marketing strategy:


Note, that your campaigns can run concurrently, or one after the other. You can plan ahead for the entire year, or, develop a campaign in response to a specific challenge. For example, perhaps you need more staffing and need to run a recruitment campaign.

We are well known for building brand identities for our clients, but you may not know that clients can return anytime for campaigns that can be designed to support them throughout the year. 

Stay tuned if you’re interested in seeing a finished campaign package! We’ll be sharing it in an updated post.