What does it mean to have an “Instagramable Event”?  To us it means making sure that our workshops and trainings provide the backdrop for great social media content.  Beautiful images and content should come out of your natural day to day life, but why not create an opportunity to amp up your visuals with something as lovely as this Champagne & Cake party!  We suggest to anyone in a training capacity, that they put the element of beauty into their programs.  Increase your reach, improve your marketing and inspire your participants with a spread that is worth the photos!

In fact, this pretty party was an elegant cover for a workshop filled with clear deliverables.  We trained our guests in all the latest strategies for growing a dedicated and engaged following.  But while tagging, engagement, and story arcs are all important, we know its still the images that get those Likes and click-throughs.  Just another argument for making beauty one of your business metrics!   So what do you think?  Does this inspire you to share??


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_DSC5488 Cake&Champagne_17


_DSC5490 Cake&Champagne_12


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Kiki Carr

Kiki Carr

Managing Director

Kiki Carr built a reputation for trends and style as a recognized blogger in Toronto’s wedding scene where she was able to work with some of the most exclusive and creative entrepreneurs.  Kiki successfully created an online identity with branding and styling, and was shocked at the opportunities her blog afforded her in both Canada and the U.S.  Realizing the power of branding she decided to work with other entrepreneurs to harness the fan base that she knows awaits every business owner.  She recently joined Brand Ambition, a boutique marketing and branding agency for entrepreneurial women where she celebrates the use of beauty to build successful businesses.