There are hundreds of good ways to choose a colour palette for your business.  Some branding agencies split brands into “seasons” like cool winter brands or warm summer brands. Other agencies build colour schemes around personality archetypes. At Brand Ambition, we like to use a client-centric method, basing our designs on “moods”.

We believe that your business’s brand colours should help make your clients “emotionally ready to buy”. That means, that your colours should be consistent with the kind of mood your followers are in when they are making the decision to purchase your product or service. So if you’re a fitness coach, your brand is best served by colours that get clients amped up and excited.  Reds, oranges and other loud shades, can help motivate your clients to click on that “Book Now” button.  If you are a counsellor or a therapist, you might want soothing neutrals that make people feel safe and secure enough to be vulnerable.

Think about how you want your clients to feel in that moment when they are about to choose you, and that will be a good guideline for the family of colours that will best support you. This method doesn’t just work with colours but is also valuable for choosing things like textures and patterns. Images like soft leathers, warm knits, rich soil or water vapours all have an emotional effect on people that can help influence how they feel about your business. This is why we ask in our brand questionnaire for words that represent your business, or how you want your client to feel when they think about your company.  The words that you share with us will strongly direct the creative direction that our designers take.

Some feelings to consider and perhaps share with your brand stylist include:

  • Safe/Secure
  • Wealthy/Aspirational
  • Vulnerable/emotionally open
  • Trusting
  • Energized/excited
  • Wholesome
  • Traditional
  • Joyful
  • Restful & relaxed
  • Mysterious
  • Spiritual
  • Technical
  • Masculine
  • Brave
  • Risky
  • Motherly
  • Generous
  • Particular
  • Orderly/Organized

If you aren’t sure what kind of moods would best represent your brand, remember that you can consult with one of our marketing managers free of charge!