There is only one month until Christmas! Hopefully, you have started to plan your holiday marketing strategy. The Brand Ambition team is confident our tips will help you increase sales & attract/retain some new customers. There are so many opportunities and benefits that come with investing in creative and eye-catching marketing strategy.

If you’re a business owner and reading this, we hope you can take away an idea or two at least. If you’re a blogger or online influencer reading, hopefully, you can incorporate some of these techniques in a way that works for you and your audience.

Partner With A Charitable Organization To Give Back
You might already be on top of this. Maybe you are hosting a food drive next month or have plans to donate partial sales to a non-for-profit in your area. Get creative and strategic, this is a great opportunity for a cross-promotion.

Promote Gift Giving
Tis the season to give gifts, almost everyone has that one person on their list that they are unsure what to give. By promoting gift giving, not only are you “zeroing in” on happiness; you’re also helping make your customers gift giving that much easier. Does your business offer gift certificates or have a referral and/or loyalty program yet?

Create Your Own Seasonal Themed Content
Believe it or not, your content does better than someone else’s. Taking photos of your decorated space, sharing limited time promotions and ultimately creating your own copy, photos, videos, and graphics can really allow you to incorporate your branding and tone over the holidays.

A couple ideas: A holiday countdown, a contest leading up to the New Year, or photos of your “Elf on the Shelf” around the workplace, store or office.

Give Back To The Local Community
The end of the year is a busy time, but making time to give back is crucial for business owners. During the Winter, it’s ideal to give back to not only your customers but those who support your business.

Some ideas to give back locally include: participating or sponsoring a community event, donating food, product, or your services to another business or individual. And of course, if you haven’t sent out e-cards or handwritten cards to your most valuable partners and/or suppliers or clients then get on it!

Work With Your Suppliers/Support Team
Does your store sell a well-known brand? Maybe you offer a new service that many aren’t familiar with? Invite those you work regularly into your store, or to your holiday event. Think of offering samples, maybe create an area in the office or store that is an amazing opportunity for a photo (selfie spot anyone?) Its key to create an overall experience for those who decide to check out your offerings as they prepare to spend some of their hard earned money.

Work With Influencers
Bloggers, YouTubers and other social media users have grown audiences that follow their content regularly. Many have built a relationship which allows influencers to share their voice and opinion to readers on new products, exciting events and other information or services. Rather than purchasing an advertisement in your local newspaper, you can hire a local blogger to write about your business. Same goes for buying a radio ad, you can hire a YouTuber to review your product.

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Happy Holidays from everyone at Brand Ambition!