• To update existing logo (Can’t change because signage had been bought)
  • To expand the brand – creating something that could be reflected in the interior design of the clinic
  • To create something that felt classy and professional, but accessible.  A clinic – but not cold

BRAND NOTES: Nelly, the owner of Join Action Physio originally contacted us, because she needed vinyl window stickers for the front of her clinic.  Located across from a coffee shop drive through she needed to create something that would visually draw in customers.  She also knew the the interior of her space needed an upgrade and a look that would make her recognizable in people’s memories – after they left.  So we knew we had to create a colour palette and patterns that could be taken into the clinic.


  1. BRANDING:  When you brand your business, keep in mind how you want your space to look.  Branding sets your clients up emotionally for what to expect when they come to your business, and you can create a major disconnect in their mind if your location doesn’t match your brand.
  2. BRAND RECOGNITION: If a business is struggling with their marketing, its very possible that they have a brand recognition problem.  Most people attach visual cues to things in order to memorize and easily recall them.  If your business doesn’t have a strong visual image, it becomes hard for clients to remember “the physio clinic by the coffee shop”.  A visual image is MORE than just a logo!  Its a feeling that is consistently stirred up in the client when they see your business.
  3. LOGO UPDATES:  If you already have an established logo – you might want to consider just updating it rather than a complete re-brand.  An updated logo can keep the same shape but have an updated colour palette, softer or sharper lines, or a more modern font.  But if you’ve already created some recognition, you might not want to make drastic changes.




Profile: Joint Action Physio

Joint Action Physio is a physiotherapy office located in Whitby.  Nelly first reached out to us for a design for vinyl window coverings to increase attention from cars passing through a local coffee shop drive through.  Nelly’s current brand stopped at her logo.  So we advised creating something with a little more visual punch.

Services Purchased:

  • Branding package
  • Window Vinyl design
  • Social Media Coaching Session