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Break past the business plateau with a group coaching session designed to focus & optimize your marketing activities

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Building Successful Small Business

Work with a coach who has built their own business, and knows how to help you build yours.  Get professional support from someone who understands social, sales funnels & campaign creation.  Start turning your business into a brand today.

Social Media Strategies

Get advanced advice & guidance on what to post and how to improve.

Sales Funnel Building

Build a long-term online business with strategies that convert.

Campaign Creation

Target your ideal client with techniques that capture attention.

No Fluff, Targeted Support

If you own a small business, you don’t have time to waste. Our sessions are lead by a marketing professional who can help you develop a plan, solve challenges and advise on everything from budgets to campaigns.  Meet over the lunch hour for no fluff, targeted support.

Bring Your Challenges

Stop trying to solve your marketing challenges with podcasts and Pinterest printouts.  Get customized support from a professional who can ask questions about your business and propose solutions that will work for you.  

  • Troubleshoot what’s not working
  • Social media audit & guidance
  • Suggestions for ad campaigns 
  • Website review & feedback 
  •  Long-term strategies

Upcoming Sessions

Friday, March 28th

(*Additional dates will be added if requested)

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182 Wellington St. Bowmanville ON

3rd Floor

Meet The Coach

Katie Dempsey

Katie Dempsey

Owner of Brand Ambition, Director of Marketing & Training

Katie is the owner of Brand Ambition.  In just 2 years the company has grown to over 15 employees.  In her role at the agency, Katie has overseen the social media and brand development of more than 200 companies.  This has given her a large platform to test out and observe what makes a business a success. 

As a small business owner herself, she understands the limitations and challenges that actually impact a business.  Katie uses her “ground truth” experience to give entrepreneurs real-world advice for growing their business with the resources they have.

Coaching Pricing

We offer coaching at various price points to ensure that no matter your business size, you can have access to the support you need!

Featured Case Studies

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