As the owner and marketing director of Brand Ambition, I know a few things about promoting a business online.  One of the best strategies you can use on any promotion is to COLLABORATE.  Whenever you work with another business, you are getting in front of their audiences. This exposes you to new clients and new business opportunities.

I am personally grateful to anyone who chooses to work with us on the Durham Tiny Home Project, and I will personally ensure that you get a return on your participation. Here are some of the benefits available.

  • Katie Dempsey is a professional small business marketer and teaches strategies and techniques for being featured online. She can help you make sure that your business benefits from partnership on this project!

    Social media posts about your business

  • Reviews about your business
  • Professionally curated content for you to share on your OWN social media
  • Professional photography of you or your team at work
  • Video of your team at work
  • Video posts introducing your team and service
  • Before & After images
  • Promotion on 37_and_up social media accounts, promotion on @brand_ambition social media accounts
  • Paid promotional ads for your service
  • Paid promotion of your service’s blog post
  • On-site training for your team to promote your business better on social
  • Increased community awareness about your business or service


**IMPORTANT** This blog series will run TWICE.  Through the winter as the project is completed – in REAL TIME.  Then it will run again in the SPRING – an important time for most service providers.  This second run will be able to include a higher level of editing, more before & after’s and will be promoted more in terms of reach.


  1. If you would like to partner on any aspect of this project, please email us at: hello@brandambition.ca
  2. If your service is in our scope of work, we will connect to discuss a quote for your services.
  3. We can then discuss services and promotion that you may benefit from, from Brand Ambition and the Durham Tiny Home Project
  4. Finally, we will work out a final scope of work for both parties so that everyone benefits.

(Not familiar or proficient with social media and online marketing?  Not to worry!  You can have a free consultation with Katie, (our Marketing Director!) to explore how your business can strategically benefit from this project. We want to help you, help us, and give back to those who are giving to us.)


Along the way, I’ve already gotten help from some FANTASTIC partners.  These include:

Lawyer: Angela Anderson Law (Bowmanville)

Financing: AWCCU Financial

Heating & Air Conditioning Consultant – A&T Mechanical

Fireplace Installation – FIRE AWAY

Kitchen Cabinetry – Lev2

We are still interested in partnering with:

  • A Painting Company
  • Flooring Company
  • Tile Company
  • Window Installer
  • And more!

If you would like to participate on this project, you can email hello@brandambition.ca.  Thank you for considering us!

~Katie Dempsey