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Studies show, that well styled, professional photos, increase sales.

If you are a business professional, blogger or artist, having pictures of yourself increases loyalty, “perceived expertise”, and perceived value.  Showcase YOU, your process, or your work!

Is Your Social Media Thirsty?

Because of the image heavy demands of social media, web, and print materials, a photoshoot can be the best marketing investment you can make!

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Product Styling

Increase sales with photos that inspire!

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Professional Food Styling

Tease tastebuds with beautiful images!

Hire A Stylist

Improve your photos, style your wardrobe, event or office!

Realtor Packages

Create a recognized & competitive brand


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What’s The Process Look Like for A Styled Shoot?

You’ll have a phone call with one of our stylists.  They’ll talk to you about what you need to get out of the shoot, and can advise you on locations, model support, props and more!

Next, you will receive from your stylist, an Inspiration Board for your shoot.  It will show sample photos that you might like to mimic, suggested props, colour schemes etc.  This is a “status check” to make sure that you and your stylist are on the same page in terms of vision. If something doesn’t suit you, be sure to give that feedback. Similarly, if you love certain elements, tell your stylist so she can make sure it’s present in the final product.  The package you receive should contain final booked dates, locations etc.

Photoshoots are FUN.  But they are also WORK.  Moving quickly will ensure that you get more photos. Most shoots are approximately 90 minutes, but your stylist and photographer may have been on location over an hr before you to set-up, and they’ll remain afterward for cleanup.  We recommend having your nails done – for closeup shots, and if you have brought multiple outfits, have them thought out and ready to go.

Your photos will be returned to you in approximately 2 weeks.  You will receive a link to a Google Drive folder where you will see all the edited versions of your photos.  These will be LARGE file sizes so that you can use them, even for large print projects like banners.  You can download your entire folder, or add it to your own Google Drive or Dropbox to keep them safe in the cloud.  You will also get unedited copies of your photos.  You can request editions edits for a small fee.