We plan our social media – Instagram first!

When a potential client clicks on your Instagram profile page, they see ALL your photos at once.  With one quick swipe of their finger, they are going to scroll through your content, and make the decision on whether or not to follow you.

That’s why we plan our social media content for how it will display on our Instagram.  We make sure that headshots, flat lays, or quotes aren’t right next to each other, and busy photos are usually surrounded by simple clean images so that the feed feels spacious and comfortable for the eye.

We also want to make sure that when potential clients scroll they see VALUE. So we include graphics with tips and tricks so that they SEE INFORMATION.  But we lay it out with good spacing, in matching colours. If your Instagram looks like a hot mess of text – resembling the classified section of the newspaper – it’s going to negatively impact your growth.

That’s because an appealing aesthetic will result in more follows than a chaotic, out of sync jumble of images.

On Facebook, this matters less, as followers only see one post at a time. So if your social media content creation is on a time budget, prioritize your visuals to work on Instagram first, and then post them to Facebook.

(WAIT! Shouldn’t I post differently on Instagram and Facebook?)

Posting differently on your different platforms is ideal – but its an optimization. Most businesses are still trying to post once a day and finding it challenging so don’t try and make it even harder on yourself if you aren’t there yet. Posting is better than not posting – so if you’re planning, you probably want to strategize for Instagram first.

A great app for planning your Instagram is PLANOLY which lets you pre-plot your feed, and see how the photos will look together. It’s a free app that we use ourselves.

Got questions about your feed? Book a free consult and let’s chat!

*Hey! There are always exceptions to the rules.  If you think you’re a special case, let us know!