Realtor Admin Certification

4 Day Intensive Training Program

Giving real estate agents & teams competitive support


NEXT SESSION: June 4th-7th

Limit: 6 Spaces Available 

Upgraded Training Specific for Real Estate

Give your admin staff the skills to help you grow your business.

  • Save money on outsourcing design & other services
  • Strategically use social media for lead generation
  • Grow a recognizable brand for long-term success
  • Increase the productivity and value of your assisant

The Latest Social Media Skills

Educate your assistant or admin with the latest social media strategies optimized for real estate.  Ensure that your admin staff can confidently:

  • Post interesting and engaging content
  • Execute a social media plan & reporting
  • Allocate ad spend effectively
  • Create a lead generation workflow
  • Grow your following online

Design for Your Brand

We’ll provide your admin with hands-on training on the most effective tools for: 

  • Editing ads and social media posts
  • Creating branded feature sheets. 
  • Generating beautiful client outreach

Make sure that your look is competitive, on-brand , and created in-house.

CRM & Lead Management

We’ll show you how to set up and manage basic lead management in a way that reduces cost and saves time. Suitable for single realtors or small teams, this process will establish a lead generation system for your business.  We’ll train your admin to:

  • Evaluate leads through a simple, automated process
  • Manage re-targeting and client outreach
  • Keep clients engaged throughout the sales funnel

Reserve Space for Your Admin or Assistant Today for Only $899

Can I speak to someone about this program?
Yes, of course. You can speak with our lead trainer, Katie Dempsey by emailing hello@brandambition.ca or calling our main office at: 905-419-8881.
My admin staff is not tech savvy. Can they take this program?
This course is designed to help out beginner to intermediate staff. It includes intensive training on a number of platforms and software. All these programs can be used by low-skill users. However, we recommend that you send someone who is comfortable using computers and mobile devices. You want to invest in training a person who has the ability to help you long-term.
Are you selling additional software or programs during this training?
We are NOT a sales representative for any company. The strategies and suggestions we recommend are flexible and can be applied on many different programs.

That said, we do recommend certain solutions – often because they are free or very low-cost.
In order to train your admin on their operation we will be using some live in the classroom. These programs have free trials, and in some cases free versions. You can decide later if you want to grow into paid usage. For a list of software and any monthly fees please contact the trainer.

*We do not make any money on the recommendation or sale of any services, and none are required to receive this certification.

What will we need to bring?
Please bring a laptop, and mobile device. Your admin should have usernames and passwords so that they are able to access your social media accounts and add additional apps and software. A full list of all recommended programs and required acess will be sent upon booking.
Can I attend with my admin or assistant?
Yes. In fact, we recommend that you learn the principles that we teach so that you can make more competitive decisions about your marketing. For this reason, we allow realtors to attend with their admin for 50% off. When booking, please make this selection.
Should I bring lunch?
All lunches and breakfasts will be catered in, but you are welcome to bring your own lunches. You can also shop or eat downtown as we are only minutes away.

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