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Our branding packages are designed to give you the tools to grow your profile online.  From unique, branded graphics, to photo shoots that showcase you as an expert in your field, our Realtor start-up package will help you build relationships online.

Read Below for Our “7 Tips for Generating Leads Online”



This package reflects our experience helping realtors grow their business online. Our Virtual Marketing Assistants will use your branding and new images to create graphics, celebrate your wins, and grow your recognition in the social landscape.



All elements of this package are available to the client for download and personal use as desired.  They can also be kept on file by Brand Ambition’s Virtual Marketing Assistant’s, who can update your templates, curate content, and manage social media to support you as you grow!  (Print services available)



Our photo shoots are strategic marketing exercises.  They often include influential models or significant community locations to appeal to your ideal client.  Providing social media content for weeks, our shoots will give you the visual foundation for websites, marketing materials and aggressive social media growth.

Tips for Realtors to Generate Leads On Social Media

Our experience in the marketing world shows us that people are changing the way they search.  When it comes to finding service providers, people are accessing professionals through their social networks.  From Facebook groups to popular Instagram accounts, consumers are bonding with, and building relationships with businesses BEFORE their moment of purchase.   You can take advantage of this process and put clients in your sales funnel earlier with some of the following tips:

  1. Share photos of yourself –  People want to work with people they KNOW.  And your potential clients won’t feel like they know you if they haven’t seen your face.  You have to take that dreaded selfie, and let your social “friends & followers” look into your eyes!  If your social media feed is missing photos of YOU, you’re missing an opportunity to build recognition.  If potential clients feel close to your personally, they won’t search Google to work with a stranger.
  2. Create a “Brand”  Branding used to be available only to big corporations who could afford to be in front of consumers often.  Thanks to social media, branding is available to the little guy.  Choose a consistent colour palette or “look” for your business to make sure that followers recognize you in all the social media noise.  Build that emotional equity, and make people feel like they see you everywhere by being consistent! Use a well branded graphic or a professional photo of yourself at least once a week.
  3. Look like an expert on your social media feeds – Give your followers tips and advice.  Education inspires people to see you as an authority in your field.  So give your followers statistics about areas you specialise in.  Recommend other businesses, give moving tips or buying advice…  whatever fits your “brand”.  Make sure that your followers are getting VALUE by following you.
  4. Train your followers! – Businesses limit themselves when they look at their followers as clients.  In fact, your followers are your front line sales team.  Imagine someone who has liked your page, sitting down to Thanksgiving Dinner with her sister, and that sister begins to speak about moving to a new neighborhood.  If your follower is engaged, she will say: “Oh!  You should use this realtor I follow!  He’s the one who _______.  Your “brand” is what you want your clients to say about you when you aren’t in the room, so TRAIN your followers to say what you want at that dinner table!  They will refer you and sell for you if they know what to say.
  5. Tag your clients!  A lot of realtors complain that it is difficult to get their clients to follow them on social media.  It’s such an awkward request for some people to make.  We advise our clients to create JUST LISTED posts for clients and TAG your client in the post.  Invite your client to share the post on their own feed, or into groups that they are active in.  This can get you clients engaged with your page, and give you exposure to their social networks.  Make sure your posts are attractive and make sure it’s EASY for your client to promote you.
  6. Use targeted Ads – Facebook paid ads are still some of the cheapest advertising available.  Instead of blowing your marketing spend on print that will get thrown in the garbage, you can take out ads in targeted neighborhoods, or among buyers at a certain income bracket.  Spend time with potential clients in their social media feed and they will be sure to see you!  Make sure you are offering real value in your ads, and use them to grow recognition.
  7. Use Video – Every single one of these tips can be incorporated into ONE good video.  Video gives potential clients the BEST opportunity to see you in person and decide if they like you.  A good video makes you look like a confident professional and gives you a vehicle to provide your clients with valuable advice or information.  Finally, social media LOVES video and algorithms will give videos further organic reach than a photo to meet consumer demand.
  8. Use a Facebook Pixel – It is becoming a lot more difficult to get potential clients to leave their email address.  If your lead generation tool isn’t gathering that much information, you can use a Facebook Pixel.  This little line of code copies into your website and TRACKS all your visitors.  Website guests are put into a “custom audience” that you can send ads to very inexpensively, allowing you to follow up with and engage potential clients on social media.  Facebook can even perform paid lead generation for you, by sending ads out to NEW clients who match the demographics of your custom audience. With totally customized budgets and pay-per-click based ads, this system is affordable, even for smaller operations!

Social media offers some of the greatest opportunities for marketing that have ever existed.  A small business from the 80’s would LOVE to have the resources that you now have at your finger tips!  Don’t squander this opportunity.  Create a visually consistent brand today, and showcase it on your social media.  Your business is waiting!

~Brand Ambition!