This photoshoot for Michelle Scrimgeour-Brown has become the foundation for her branding and program visuals.  Prior to the shoot, we determined her upcoming service offerings, and made sure to capture images that could convey everything from one-on-one healing sessions to workshops or weddings.  These photos are some of our favourites, as the light and airy look of the photos, reflects the magic and spirit of Michelle herself!


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Kiki Carr

Kiki Carr

Managing Director

Kiki Carr built a reputation for trends and style as a recognized blogger in Toronto’s wedding scene where she was able to work with some of the most exclusive and creative entrepreneurs.  Kiki successfully created an online identity with branding and styling, and was shocked at the opportunities her blog afforded her in both Canada and the U.S.  Realizing the power of branding she decided to work with other entrepreneurs to harness the fan base that she knows awaits every business owner.  She recently joined Brand Ambition, a boutique marketing and branding agency for entrepreneurial women where she celebrates the use of beauty to build successful businesses.