The Social Stride 

Being present everyday on social media is challenging. Especially when you have numerous platforms you want to stay up to date on. Here are some quick tips to maneuver, either your blog or business, through the never-ending maze that is Social Media.

Scale you Social Media to New Heights (2)


Talk, reply, and pose questions. Connecting with your audience is by far the best way to get attention online. Just be present, and be yourself.  It sounds so simple, but many ignore the blatantly obvious.


No one likes to be spammed. Posting too much is just as bad as posting too little. Space them out, have a reason why you’re posting. Find a pace that works for you, and maintain that pace. It may help to do a little digging and find out how often other profiles, similar to you, are posting.

Finally, Hit em’ where it hurts

There are two great places to target while trying to attract new audiences on social media: the heart and the funny bone.

We’ve all seen commercials that melt your heart right down to its core. Touching ones heart is very intimate and if you accomplish it via online, you’re gold.

Second, who doesn’t love to laugh till your sides hurt? Make em’ laugh! Getting a reaction from someone is what you want, and if they have a smile on their face, it’s a win-win!


Happy Weekend Everyone!
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Carlie Wright

Carlie Wright

Social Media Strategist

Carlie graduated from Loyalist College in Advertising & Marketing.  She has specialized in building community followings for bloggers and boutique retail locations.  She loves old Hollywood and is a popular blogger in that niche. Carlie is a believer in the power of social media and the cultivation of a "fan base". She recently joined Brand Ambition, a boutique marketing and branding agency for entrepreneurial women, where she leads social media campaigns and trains entrepreneurs to grow and utilize their social leverage.