Sleep Easy Candle Company – branding


The candle market is highly competitive, and branding does a lot of the heavy lifting in this industry. We worked with the Sleep Easy Candle Company to establish itself around nighttime routines and the rituals we perform to relax. The photoshoot for this brand was focused on side tables and paired the candles with journals, books, teas, and other tools of self-care regimens. 


Branding, packaging, photoshoot


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Sanos Wellness – Branding

Sanos Wellness – Branding

Sanos Wellness is an all-encompassing women’s wellness brand offering naturopathic care, programs, classes, and skincare. Based in Arizona, Sanos wanted to maintain the desert feel in their brand visuals, and create something soothing that would welcome a target audience including women suffering from burn-out.

Dream Life Planner – Photoshoot

Dream Life Planner – Photoshoot

This product shoot for The Dream Life Planner was used for imagery on Uchechi’s Amazon page, as well as Instagram promotion. We provided simple, clean photography that will last from year to year, and often photoshop updated DATES onto the books to keep the photography relevant from one year to another.