This brand was all about clean lines, simplicity, and family.  So it was a stroke of genius when our designer came up with the simple hand-drawn house logo.  It looks like something that is on every family refrigerator door, and it warms our hearts. This brand channels HOME, just like Jill’s magical syle. 


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Wilmot Blueberry Orchard

Wilmot Blueberry Orchard

Like many farms and orchards, this was a family business, and as management of the company passed to a new generation, it became a priority to update and modernize the company’s visuals. See how we did it while honoring the heritage of the blueberry orchard.

Derek Baird Team – Branding

Derek Baird Team – Branding

Derek Baird is passing his very successful real estate team to his sons. We worked with them to collaborate on an updated modern brand that paid homage to their dad’s legacy. These remain some of our favorite shoots ever, with images that are now on billboards across their local area.