There are a lot of people who cringe when they hear the word “selfie”.   But, when it comes to growing your fan base and building your business, the selfie can definitely come in handy.  To play up on that, we spent a lovely afternoon building our “selfie wall”.

Selfie wallWhy Build A Selfie Wall?

  1. Its a controlled space that’s always tidy and ready for guests
  2. Hopefully, its branded and represents your business in images
  3. Its a great reminder to take a selfie with guests (and share it!)
  4. It’s quick & easy content for everyone’s social media (Instagram it!)
  5. It becomes recognizable on social media – making it look like you are working with EVERYBODY!

Remember, on social media, NAME DROPPING is what you want to be doing.  So encourage your guests to snap that picture – they can use it for a Facebook “Check-in”, or just to share that they had a great time meeting with you.

How We Built Our Selfie Wall

  1. We used sheets of foam board taped together.  (We recommend BLACK if you are trying to cover with greenery.)We wanted a size that could accommodate a few people in front of it.
  2. We cut up a variety of plastic plants from the dollar store.  (Cheap and easy – and the mix looks great!)
  3. We hot glued the greenery all over the board.
  4. For now we’ve tucked our business card into the leaves for a quick fix, but when budget allows we’ll be getting shiny cut out letters with the company name.
  5. We taped it up on the wall by our door at “selfie height”.

If a selfie wall is too much for you, make sure that you do have a beautiful space – somewhere in your office or workspace that allows you to take pictures that build RECOGNITION online.  That’s the ultimate goal.  To make sure that people recognize your business at a glance!


Katie Dempsey

Katie Dempsey

Marketing Director

Katie's most unique skill is her ability to look at a product or service from the "client's eyes" and this skill informs all her marketing planning and coaching.