Many small business owners would agree, growing your business is no walk in the park. Without proper branding, growing your business is even harder. Once you have brand elements, including a prominent primary logo and variations, a strong colour palette, clean fonts and key brand elements and textures, you can start working on building your brand. It takes time, passion and a certain level of skill to do this yourself.

Ensuring you stay consistent is key. Build a look that is easily recognizable. Limit the number of fonts you are using, use the same colours as well. Make sure the font on your business card matches your website, your flyers, and any other marketing material you distribute. You may feel as if you are being annoying or repetitive, but there is no better time to get into the routine of ensuring consistency throughout your marketing. Branding isn’t only visuals, it also includes the tone of your writing and how you present yourself to clients and colleagues.

Make others aware of what you’re doing. Introduce yourself, your business and your brand. Brand awareness is a key to a contributor to growth. Think strategically before you post. Is the content informative? Does it add value? If someone is looking for you, how easy or difficult is it for them to identify your icon amongst a list of your competitors? It is important to remember that slapping your logo on everything isn’t necessary. Although you shouldn’t be afraid to use it, remember that the goal of branding is to build recognition by using your brand as a whole, employing your other elements as well. Strategically using your colours, textures and fonts will help to create that same awareness and brand recognition with your audience even when your logo isn’t present.

Run with your brand! You have to constantly, and consistently be pushing your key message in a non-intrusive way. Consider setting up a unique and compelling marketing campaign that gets people talking. Not interested in running a campaign? Get creative elsewhere. Try appealing to new audiences while giving back to your community through partnerships, sponsorships or by hosting an event. Invest in your brand. Create a budget for targeted ads or run special promotions to intrigue new audiences about your product, service or other offerings.

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