Training & Workshops

Helping small business owners upgrade their skills



Social Media for Small Business

Our highest rated program, this workshop has been recently updated with more advanced online skills.  Assuming an understanding of the basics, this class shows you how to engage your audience, grow organically, and best practice for integrating social into your marketing.

Group Marketing Coaching

Each month we’ll be getting together to master a new element of your marketing plan.  We’ll also be addressing your real-world challenges, and completing a social media audit to target quick fixes.  Bring your devices and your questions!

Realtor Admin Certification

Due to our extensive work with real estate agents and brokerages, we have developed a special program to provide admin staff with training in social media, photography, simple design – even video.  Keep your high needs services in house with an admin with modern training.

Small Business Intensive

Work with an experienced marketing coach, and a small group of entrepreneurs to pull together a customized marketing plan for your business over the next quarter.  With everything from suggested promotions and campaigns to posting strategies and budgets, we make sure you’re prepared with expert guidance!

Dave Meredith Consulting – Branding

Municipal planning and land development consultant Dave Meredith gets a brand that matches his experience in the industry…

Kayleigh Chambers – Realtor Photoshoot

We are often asked about building minimalist brands – usually only in black and white. This photoshoot is a good inspiration for anyone considering that highly minimalist, industrial look.

One Logo Concept

One single change to our process resulted in nearly DOUBLING our client satisfaction. Are you using this methodology to deliver your branding projects?

Waxco Website

The WaxCo brand is fresh clean and bright, and we knew the website had to evoke the same feelings. Check out how we utilized their photoshoot and embraced white space in this user friendly design.

Market Candle Co. Photoshoot

Market Candle Co. has been fast expanding, due in large part to its owner’s highly personable social media. In anticipation of opening her own shop, she…

Snezhana Todorova

This mortgage broker was looking for a sharp professional brand so that her marketing was building trust and authority. Now she can focus on her mission to help home owners better manage their mortgage debts…

Sarah Hull – Photoshoot (Spring 2022)

The story of staging a beautiful luxury home is told through these incredibly elegant visuals. Multiple outfit changes and phases of the project were all captured…

Kate Ellen – Branding

Can we help mature this mommy-bloggers visuals? Lets give her a more sophisticated lifestyle brand!