Training & Workshops

Helping small business owners upgrade their skills



Social Media for Small Business

Our highest rated program, this workshop has been recently updated with more advanced online skills.  Assuming an understanding of the basics, this class shows you how to engage your audience, grow organically, and best practice for integrating social into your marketing.

Group Marketing Coaching

Each month we’ll be getting together to master a new element of your marketing plan.  We’ll also be addressing your real-world challenges, and completing a social media audit to target quick fixes.  Bring your devices and your questions!

Realtor Admin Certification

Due to our extensive work with real estate agents and brokerages, we have developed a special program to provide admin staff with training in social media, photography, simple design – even video.  Keep your high needs services in house with an admin with modern training.

Small Business Intensive

Work with an experienced marketing coach, and a small group of entrepreneurs to pull together a customized marketing plan for your business over the next quarter.  With everything from suggested promotions and campaigns to posting strategies and budgets, we make sure you’re prepared with expert guidance!

Dr Dorota Dermatologist – Photoshoot

This jewelry company from Georgia makes handmade gold necklaces and wanted to achieve a clean and moody Instagram aesthetic.  She asked us for a styled shoot that reflected her African American target market and client base. (*Lifestyle shoots include more than 60...

Dr. Dorota Dermatologist – Branding

This dermatologist is launching her business to a high-end audience. She was looking for an upscale, classy feel that left behind the standard visuals of today’s spas.We used a bold and unique colour palette and brand texture to help her stand out. 

YYZ – Spray Tanning Photoshoot

This spray tanning company is building brand value, hoping to serve influencers and celebrities in the competitive Toronto market. We've worked with her on multiple photoshoots to build a library of content to grow her brand on Instagram.  (*Lifestyle shoots include...

Over-Sharing On Social

Your social media isn’t going to vibe and build relationships with other humans if you aren’t human yourself, but where is the line?

I Made A Mistake…

I made a mistake last week, but I'm gonna share it because I think it gives good insight into the dynamics of branding. An older client came to us with a very old website that badly needed updating. They reluctantly admitted that their entire brand needed work. Their...

Never Go Into Battle, With An Untested Weapon

In 1996 Val Kilmer was in a movie with Michael Douglas. In the movie, they were hunting a massive killer lion out on the Savannah. As a gift, another hunter gave Val Kilmer a beautiful new gun to hunt with – since the lion was so badass.

What’s the BEST Thing A Business Owner Can Buy For Under $1000?

Brand Ambition isn’t that old – so we still (really!) remember our start-up hustle phase. (I think we’re still in it!?) But there were definitely some purchases that we made early on that made a big difference in our initial growth.  Here’s what we recommend…  

Plan Your Social For Instagram First

When a potential client clicks on your Instagram profile page, they see ALL your photos at once.  With one quick swipe, they are going to see all your content and make the decision on whether or not to follow you…