Training & Workshops

Helping small business owners upgrade their skills



Social Media for Small Business

Our highest rated program, this workshop has been recently updated with more advanced online skills.  Assuming an understanding of the basics, this class shows you how to engage your audience, grow organically, and best practice for integrating social into your marketing.

Group Marketing Coaching

Each month we’ll be getting together to master a new element of your marketing plan.  We’ll also be addressing your real-world challenges, and completing a social media audit to target quick fixes.  Bring your devices and your questions!

Realtor Admin Certification

Due to our extensive work with real estate agents and brokerages, we have developed a special program to provide admin staff with training in social media, photography, simple design – even video.  Keep your high needs services in house with an admin with modern training.

Small Business Intensive

Work with an experienced marketing coach, and a small group of entrepreneurs to pull together a customized marketing plan for your business over the next quarter.  With everything from suggested promotions and campaigns to posting strategies and budgets, we make sure you’re prepared with expert guidance!

Iron Butterfly – Interior Designer Branding

After a major life transition, interior designer Jolene became facinated by meditation and a more spiritual daily practice. She combined this personal passion with her professional expertise to create Iron Butterfly.

WolfDen – Fitness Program Photoshoot

There is business strategy and a great human story behind this photoshoot for WolfDen Fitness. Some of the women in this shoot have lost more than 40 lbs, and have used this empowering day as a motivator and celebration of their hard work. But these images will also inspire others to join WolfDen’s mission…

Top Podcasts We Recommend for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is a challenging but rewarding journey. One of the things that has provided me the greatest comfort when things aren't going well, is listening to other business owners sharing their stories. Hearing that I am not the "only one" experiencing certain...

Should You Use the Colour Blue In Your Brand?

When it comes to branding, the colour blue is often associated with trust, reliability, and stability. Some of the biggest brands including IBM, Microsoft, Bank of America and Facebook use blue as their primary brand colour. What is it about this colour that makes it...

5 Shopify Plugins for your Cart Page

One of the fastest ways to increase revenue in an e-commerce business is to introduce an upsell. Luckily, if you have a Shopify website, there are countless plugins and apps that can help you do that. Here are a few of our favorites: CartHook: CartHook is an app that...

Increasing Revenue: How to Make More Per Purchase

The "easiest" way to increase revenue is to increase prices. But it's not the ONLY way that you can raise the value of a customer purchase. Here are 4 additional options to consider if you are looking for ways to make more money in 2023. Offer higher-priced options:...

Double Shot Agency -Branding

This talent agency’s empowering messaging leaves no room to be shy. So this branding project embraced a bold and unflinching attitude down to the last detail.

Brent Anderson – Real Estate Team – Branding

This brand is unique in the lengths they went to to compliment their brokerage’s branding. Click through to see how this subtle but impactful brand came together.