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Helping small business owners upgrade their skills



Social Media for Small Business

Our highest rated program, this workshop has been recently updated with more advanced online skills.  Assuming an understanding of the basics, this class shows you how to engage your audience, grow organically, and best practice for integrating social into your marketing.

Group Marketing Coaching

Each month we’ll be getting together to master a new element of your marketing plan.  We’ll also be addressing your real-world challenges, and completing a social media audit to target quick fixes.  Bring your devices and your questions!

Realtor Admin Certification

Due to our extensive work with real estate agents and brokerages, we have developed a special program to provide admin staff with training in social media, photography, simple design – even video.  Keep your high needs services in house with an admin with modern training.

Small Business Intensive

Work with an experienced marketing coach, and a small group of entrepreneurs to pull together a customized marketing plan for your business over the next quarter.  With everything from suggested promotions and campaigns to posting strategies and budgets, we make sure you’re prepared with expert guidance!

David & Gini Real Estate Team – Branding

David and Gini value close relationships, and they were looking for a friendly, professional, urban brand, that would appeal to Toronto condo owners as well upscale luxury property owners. It also had to be totally suitable to either one of them independently.  What do you think?

Reach Wellness – Branding

Naturopathic Dr. Nicole Panathere is opening her own holistic care clinic.  She wanted the brand to feel very modern, as though it could comfortably fit into the lifestyle practices of its clientele. She wanted to avoid anything that felt too clinical…

Olive That – Branding

A very popular local brand, Olive That is well-known for its high-quality olive oils and balsamic vinegars.  Owner Naz Munshi came to us to help mature the brand and make it feel more artisan.  It was a goal of the project to ensure that the label design could sell the product whether it was on a boutique retail shelf or an online shop…

5 Reasons Small Biz Should Hire A Marketing Agency

Did a small business need “agency” support 10 years ago? No. But they also didn’t need photoshoots, Instagram Reels, and Facebook ads back then either. Business is different, and here is how an agency can help you adapt:

What Social Media Will Do To Your Business This Year

The launch of social media platforms began a golden age of small business. It ushered in a unique environment where business owners suddenly had free, direct, 24/7 access to their client base. They could advertise, craft a brand personality, and engage with clients -...

SUCCESS STORY: Naturopathic Dr. Lynne Racette

Our video chat with Dr. Lynne Racette reveals how she has built up her brand in two different cities, and eventually was able to open her own clinic. Hear her speak about her process, what worked, and how much she spends on ads.

Rebranding – Free Webinar

In this FREE LUNCH & LEARN we’ll be sharing the strategy that we use to plan a business rebrand. The session will be highly conversational, so feel free to bring your questions and personal challenges so we can chat them out!

Legal FYI: Logos, Packaging & Trademarks

FREE WEBINAR: Chat with a lawyer about your legal questions! Friday, May 14th, noon. Are you not sure when you should trademark your logo?  Are you curious about what LEGALLY needs to be on your packaging?  Can someone else copy your web content? At Brand Ambition,...