Are You Benefiting from the Power of Video?

Video has quickly become one of the most powerful forms of marketing.  Commercials have long been something that only the largest of businesses could afford.  But as technology and social media have developed, video and its distribution have opened up!

Do not waste the opportunity to get in front of your clients!  Build trust and grow your relationship with potential clients through engaging video.  Create captivating sales funnels and educational webinars. 


Nothing is off limits!

We have done social media video content, web commercials, powerful instructional videos and more.  

Facebook / Website Video Starter Pack

Want to add video to your website – to welcome guests or explain your programs?  This starter pack can give 4-5 short videos to get you started on your way to recognition and sales.  Includes:

  • Up to 2 hrs of in studio shooting
  • Professional video, lighting and editing
  • Prop styling
  • Export to Dropbox, Google Drive or YouTube

Instructional Video Starter Pack

Ready to start earning passive income from selling your webinars or an online training program?  This package will get you started!  Filmed in our studio, or at location within Durham Region, this package includes:

  • 4 x 20 min. training or instructional videos
  • Professional videography, lighting
  • Multiple angles
  • Editing to include some visuals, desktop view, slides or text for reference
  • Export to Dropbox, Google Drive or YouTube

Need Help Setting Up Your Video Content?

We have recommended plugins and programs for selling your video content online!
Let us help you get your online training program set up on your website or e-learning app.

Not sure what to DO with your video now that you have it?  We can show you advanced ways to promote yourself on social media using your new video content!

Curious To Know More?

We offer all clients a FREE consultation.  We will discuss your business, your goals and give you whatever advice and recommendations we can!  Many previous clients have found these sessions incredibly helpful.

Remember:  You can visit with us in person, by phone or by video.