SALARY: $43k – $50K/yr.  |  2 weeks paid vacation  |  Occasional Work from Home  |  10:00am Flex Start/Stop

Bowmanville Office Location

This role is high paced and at the heart of our organization.  Your attitude and work style will help to set the tone and culture of our team.

A mix of business coaching, design sense, and customer service is required to operate at a high level in this job. You will need to be hard on tough customers and patient with easy ones.

Ideal candidates will have worked with or in a small business before. Former business owners or marketing managers who have participated in having a website built, planning social media, or navigating marketing decisions will have a competitive edge.


  • Strong admin capabilities including experience working with project management software, invoicing software, or other technologically based communication and planning tools.
  • Management Skills including the ability to deliver disappointing news, redirect stubborn personalities, build consensus, take heat on behalf of others and create action items from general language.
  • General Business Acumen including an understanding of multiple areas of social media, websites, content writing, business planning, marketing or small business management.
  • Personal Management including the ability to function well in a fast-paced environment, process stress, accept client feedback in a constructive way and stay positive for the team
  • Creative Talents including the soft skills to present and discuss creative concepts and visions, to interpret people’s tastes and style, to provide constructive design critiques.

Daily Tasks

  • Consults – Meeting with clients to discuss their business and their challenges. You will need to be able to ask insightful questions and provide general action steps. You’ll be showing off our portfolio and sharing relevant examples of our work.
  • Quoting – You will create quotes that can adapt to your client’s budget and needs. Helping them prioritize services that might be helpful.
  • Assigning Work – Using our project management software you will assign work to the team choosing designers that fit the client’s style and budget. You will communicate the client’s challenges, visions and limitations.
  • Presenting Work – You will share mood boards, brand pitches and web mock-ups to clients, explaining the designer’s choices. You’ll be recording client feedback and communicating it to the design team in a constructive and positive way.
  • Leadership & Guidance – You will often have to communicate on behalf of others, resolve disputes, suggest outcomes, keep people focused and inspired and feeling hopeful.

Taking on this role means joining our management team.  This includes weekly meetings where we support one another, set goals, talk through problems and make changes to workflows and business processes. This is a very collaborative environment and you will be developing close ties with your colleagues. This job is immensely fulfilling, purposeful and on the edge of what is happening in small business, in social media and online. It is enormously fun and truly challenging.



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