When I first began writing newsletters for wellness centres and health practitioners, I learned something pretty quickly.  No matter how compelling my text was, or how exciting my calls to action, the thing that kept customers scrolling through a newsletter, was the EYE CANDY.

Beautiful images, pops of colour, and inspiring photographs not only drew the eye, but supplied that kick of pleasure that our busy minds search for.

So often in business, we attribute traditionally “masculine” qualities with what it takes to be successful: goal setting, negotiating skills, drive, ambition.  But as I have traversed the world of small business owners – a world dominated largely by entrepreneurial women, I’ve come to realize that the softer “feminine traits”, can take us just as far.  Beauty.  Relationships.  Faith.  Trust.  The business time we spend investing in these characteristics provide just as much financial return.

Beauty is now essential.  Especially in a realm where a small business is so reliant on its social media.  Captivating photos are needed for click throughs.  Gorgeous images grow followings of fans.  If our first contact with clients is VISUAL, that we must accept: beauty is no longer a business luxury.  Its a business metric.  

Clients associate beauty with professionalism.  We assume that businesses with beautiful logos and glittering typeface are SUCCESSFUL.  That they have so many clients they can afford brilliant marketing.  It fosters trust, and confidence in the business owner.  Delicious branding prepares the client to pay more, and they do!  Websites built with gorgeous colour palettes and imagery ignite pleasure centres in the brain, keeping clients on your website longer, giving you more opportunity to sell, and increasing your SEO ranking.  The visual appeal of a flyer decides whether it goes into a trash bin or in front of the eyes of a new client.  Beauty can be a force in the business world.

Do not let this important metric be under-utilized in your business plan.  Do not assume that a professional colour scheme or logo is money frittered away.  It’s time that we recognize the inherent impact that beauty can have on our revenue streams.  Let’s honour the fact that an alternative, softer, and gentler approach to business is not only available, but can be effective and strategic.  Bring the elements of beauty into your business, and experience its gifts for yourself.



Katie Dempsey

Katie Dempsey

Marketing Director

Katie's most unique skill is her ability to look at a product or service from the "client's eyes" and this skill informs all her marketing planning and coaching.