Realtor Jane Thuet



Real estate agent Jane Thuet was looking for a gender-neutral, black and white brand. Thanks to a great team name, we were able to create this sleek, attractive look that will draw both clients and talented agents to grow the brand.




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Fete Studios – Branding

Our client wanted this brand to match her existing company – but not look like a competitor – even though they were very similar brand colors. What to do??

Small Batch Soaps – Branding

Small Batch Soaps - BrandingSTORY: This maker brand had found personal success - with a storefront and steady online sales. But the popularity of handmade products during the pandemic inspired her to double down and GROW. We helped her professional her brand and...

UX Net Consulting – Branding

This team of networking experts specialized in working with airports. They used the pandemic to diversify their services. We worked with them to create brand visuals that would inspire trust across a variety of corporate applications.

Mona Bayoumi – Real Estate Brand

Another agent is looking for something unique and special – that still matches her famous brokerage colours – can we do it?

Total Danceworx – Branding

This company wanted a fresh start, and a new mood. We used a backstage photo as inspiration to capture the anticipation and excitement of a performance – creating a brand designed for Gen Z.

Sleep Easy Candle Company – Branding

The candle market is highly competitive, and branding does a lot of the heavy lifting in this industry. We worked with the Sleep Easy Candle Company to establish itself around nighttime routines and the rituals we perform to relax.

Elements of Empowerment – Coaching Brand

This brand for real estate coach Tanya Gordon, positions her program to attract her ideal client…

Lisa Grant – Realtor Brand

This bright and sunny brand matches the personality of this outgoing realtor!

Elena Louca Real Estate Agent – Branding

Elena Louca Real Estate AgentSTORY: The logos for real estate agent, Elena Louca Malcolm ended up giving us all the vibes of an upscale handbag. Our design team put them together into a unique pattern that looked like the lining a designer handbag.  We were so...

Alaina Malcolm Realtor – Branding

This brand was designed to capture all the latest interior design trends – channeling the feel of bright open space, natural light, and calming blues. This brand feels timeless, classic, and fresh.

Teseo Academy – Branding

this brand needed to look accessible, fun and science-based to reflect the values behind their programming. We provided an expanded package that included a full library of icons and illustrations, click to check it out!

David & Gini Real Estate Team – Branding

David and Gini value close relationships, and they were looking for a friendly, professional, urban brand, that would appeal to Toronto condo owners as well upscale luxury property owners. It also had to be totally suitable to either one of them independently.  What do you think?

Reach Wellness – Branding

Naturopathic Dr. Nicole Panathere is opening her own holistic care clinic.  She wanted the brand to feel very modern, as though it could comfortably fit into the lifestyle practices of its clientele. She wanted to avoid anything that felt too clinical…

Olive That – Branding

A very popular local brand, Olive That is well-known for its high-quality olive oils and balsamic vinegars.  Owner Naz Munshi came to us to help mature the brand and make it feel more artisan.  It was a goal of the project to ensure that the label design could sell the product whether it was on a boutique retail shelf or an online shop…

Caroline Watson Beauty – Branding

Caroline’s skincare practice is inside a plastic surgeon’s office so her services are very results-driven. She needed branding that was very crisp and didn’t feel “spa-like”. See what our team put together for her…

The Wildflowers Artistic Hair Studio – Branding

The Wildflowers Artistic Hair StudioSTORY: The Wildflowers Artistic Hair Studio aims to provide a relaxing and welcoming environment. As a boutique salon, they enjoy getting to know their clients and building strong customer relationships. They pride themselves in...

Sanos Wellness – Branding

Sanos Wellness is an all-encompassing women’s wellness brand offering naturopathic care, programs, classes, and skincare. Based in Arizona, Sanos wanted to maintain the desert feel in their brand visuals, and create something soothing that would welcome a target audience including women suffering from burn-out.

David Paterson Realtor – Photoshoot

We did half of David’s shoot in the studio and took the rest of the shoot to Chuuk Restaurant to take advantage of their unique space. We also incorporated elements of his hobby for beekeeping!

Scott Morgan Realtor – Photoshoot

The truth is, Scott is interested in a lot of different things. He loves playing and watching sports like baseball, hockey, and golf. He enjoys all types of music and is often found attending local concerts. He is also passionate about animals, which you can see when...

Truly Medium – Branding

Truly MediumSTORY: Truly is a third generation medium helping adults who have experienced death and grief through various live events, spiritual workshops and one on one sessions.Her goal is to help bridge the often sorrowful gap between living people and their loved...