Realtor Jane Thuet



Real estate agent Jane Thuet was looking for a gender-neutral, black and white brand. Thanks to a great team name, we were able to create this sleek, attractive look that will draw both clients and talented agents to grow the brand.




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Iron Butterfly – Interior Designer Branding

After a major life transition, interior designer Jolene became facinated by meditation and a more spiritual daily practice. She combined this personal passion with her professional expertise to create Iron Butterfly.

Double Shot Agency -Branding

This talent agency’s empowering messaging leaves no room to be shy. So this branding project embraced a bold and unflinching attitude down to the last detail.

Brent Anderson – Real Estate Team – Branding

This brand is unique in the lengths they went to to compliment their brokerage’s branding. Click through to see how this subtle but impactful brand came together.

Kim & Shannon Real Estate Team – Branding

These returning clients were looking for a more mature and sophisticated brand update. Designed to match some of the interior design trends that make for classic homes…

Kirstie Griffiths Chiropractor & Yoga – Branding

This chiropractor has loved her long time logo. Can we soften the sharp angles and update this brand to feel modern and comfortable?

Dave Meredith Consulting – Branding

Municipal planning and land development consultant Dave Meredith gets a brand that matches his experience in the industry…

Snezhana Todorova

This mortgage broker was looking for a sharp professional brand so that her marketing was building trust and authority. Now she can focus on her mission to help home owners better manage their mortgage debts…

Kate Ellen – Branding

Can we help mature this mommy-bloggers visuals? Lets give her a more sophisticated lifestyle brand!

Hailey Green – Realtor Branding

We used the classic neutrals of interior design and a beautiful serif font to create visuals that will be elegant for years to come…

La Vie Apparel – Branding

For this passion project we got to show an existing client a totally different look from her previous (corporate) brand! Take a look at what Emily’s dream project looks like! Go Little Rockstar!

Oriyomi Condo Development – Branding

These condo developers have an aggressive growth strategy, and needed a sophisticated and mature brand to attract young professionals. We gave them a modern look with eastern influences…

Henry Reynolds Interior Design – Branding

This brand is as warm and comforting as rich hot chocolate. It’s moody, pensive, and feels like quiet days at home with rain pouring softly outside…

Kelly Berger Realtor Branding

Is there any word for this brand other than “darling”? Kelly told us that she loved travel, and we pulled inspiration for this brand from the bright red vintage phone booths in London England. Once you love

Heylu Coaching – Branding

Mervat is an intuitive, who’s found success using her abilities to coach elite business owners. She knew that she wanted to have birds in flight as part of her brand visuals, combined with

Hello Finance -Branding

There are so many unique touches in this brand – we LOVE the Hello sticker element, as well as the yellow dot over the I in the logo that feels like a

Quinton House Staging – Branding

This brand is filled with hand-drawn elements from one of our senior designers, as well as timelessly elegant fonts and colours. Real style never

ERTL Law Practice – Branding

We wanted this law firm to walk away from their branding experience with a unique brand that truly separated them from their competitors. We proposed a modern, professional look with a twist.

E11ement Skin Spray – Branding

This skin spray had commercial applications, and the company approached us about rebranding it as a beauty product for direct to consumer sales. Working through every

Laura McBride Real Estate – Branding

Laura McBride sketched the concept for this logo out on a napkin several years ago. She knew that when she was ready to go hard on her personal brand, this pineapple concept would symbolize

The Nook Staging & Design – Branding

This brand was designed for a long time brokerage client who was growing their business by adding a staging & design company.  It was essential to The Nook that this project match