Wilmot Blueberry Orchard


Like many farms and orchards, this was a family business, and as management of the company passed to a new generation, it became a priority to update and modernize the company’s visuals.  We wanted to do this in a way that honored the heritage of the orchard, and didn’t drift too far from previous designs, but still offered a brand refresh. 


Branding, Website, Additional Graphic Design


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Stonehouse Staging -Photoshoot

Stonehouse Staging -Photoshoot

As the exclusive staging company for The Nook Realty, this team of ladies brings style, fashion, and a unique sense of home decor to Nook listings.  We wanted to bring that same energy to their shoot. Luckily, it’s easy to capture their creative natures and see how much they love working together. 

Managing A Team During COVID-19

Managing A Team During COVID-19

As a business owner, my great moments of satisfaction occur when I'm walking through the office while all my employees are hustling. I love the hustle and the energy. Seeing some people with headphones on, deeply focused on a project, while others are grouped around a...