There’s real business strategy and a powerful human story behind this photoshoot with WolfDen Fitness. This shoot was booked for the particpants of the WolfDen weight-loss program. It was a goal to work towards, a motivator to keep in mind when pushing through a challenging workout, or maintaining discipline in the face of desserts.

Some of the women in this shoot lost more than 40 lbs and said that seeing themselves in these shots made them feel beautiful, vibrant and confident.

As a weight loss coach, these images provide the owner, Meagan, with a visual for future clients. This is what they will be buying, what they will be working for… This is how the WolfDen Fitness program will make you feel.

Showing clients how they will FEEL after buying is the core of a good marketing strategy. So Powerful! That’s why this photoshoot – offered at the end of each season of training, will become a part of WolfDen’s marketing system, as well as the value that clients receive when they work with the brand.

Helping Meagan with this project and celebrating the achievements of her clients is the reason we do what we do! Wins all around!

(*Lifestyle shoots include more than 60 images, this collection shows off our favs. You can click to enlarge each image!)

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