Business Intensive Feb 16


Feb 16th 10:00am – 2:00pm

This is a 4 hr intensive program designed to help small business owners feel like they are getting in front of their marketing.  Stop chasing events and promotions and missing special dates.  Make a plan with professional support & guidance.



We ALL say that we are going to do better when it comes to marketing, promotion, and social media – but its also something that business owners feel unsure about or delay doing.

This full-day workshop is going to refine your brand and build a marketing plan around it.  We’ll be walking you through a complete marketing and social media plan, with interactive exercises, guidance and how-tos.  Stop feeling like the opportunity is slipping away, and instead, attract clients and followers with confidence!

Important to Note:

  • Lunch is included
  • Q&A taken throughout the program
  • Please bring your laptop and/or social media device for real-time demonstrations & activities
  • Come with an open mind and a passion to be creative!

Schedule of the Day

10:00am: Welcome and Introduction
10:15am – MODULE ONE: How to Find Clients who will LOVE Your Brand
11:15am – MODULE TWO: Branding 101
12:15pm – Lunch Break (Lunch included)
1:00pm – MODULE THREE: Giving Your brand REACH (Facebook Paid Ads)
2:00pm – MODULE FOUR: Social Media Planning
3:00pm – Take-away’s from the day and how to move forward
3:30pm – Closing Remarks & Networking

Event Modules Details

Module #1: How to Find Clients who will LOVE Your Brand.
Advertising is expensive.  If you know exactly who is most likely to buy from you, you can save yourself a lot of time and effort!

  1. Learn a process for finding your ideal client
  2. Learn 3 ways to use your “ideal client” to your advantage in marketing
  3. How to niche yourself to protect from competition
  4. How to build a brand story that fosters love & loyalty from clients

Module #2: Branding 101
How does branding your business give you a competitive edge?  We’ll show you all the tools and techniques for creating a business you’re peers and clients will remember.

  1. 6 Tips for communicating your brand online
  2. Visuals:  What should be on your brand board?
  3. The difference between front end & back end branding
  4. How to grow with your brand (when to rebrand and how far to go)
  5. If you’re on a budget: Priorities & what you can do yourself
  6. Messaging: What are the calls to action that WORK

Module #3: Giving Your brand REACH (Facebook Paid Ads)
Facebook ads are the CHEAPEST advertising opportunity out there.  But only if you are using them properly!  Learn advanced strategies for online advertising that fits a small business budget!

  1. Learn a formula for how much you should spendTargeting:
  2. How to reach your ideal client and save on ad spend
  3. Take a tour of the power editor  – Hands on paid ads training
  4. Boosted Posts vs. Targeted Ads – which are better?
  5. Facebook Pixels: How to use them
  6. Custom Audiences
  7. Look-a-like audiences & Using Facebook for Lead Generation

Module #4: Social Media Planning
Take home a monthly planning guide that will take your social media presence to the next level.  Always have something to post, and have your content promoting you in the most effective way.

  1. How to plan your social media calendar
  2. How to integrate blogging (and what to do if you don’t have time for it!)
  3. How to talk about your brand on social media
  4. How to schedule for efficient use of time
  5. How to integrate your paid ads
  6. How to build Brand Love through your social media channels


182 Wellington St. Bowmanville (Bowmanville Factory)

3rd Floor

FREE PARKING – We recommend parking in the back lot, and entering the building through the MANANTLER BEER BREWERY doors.  Please contact us if you need an elevator.


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