Social Media for Small Business (Oct 28th)


Thurs. Oct. 28th 10:00am- 12:30pm

If both you, and your competition are posting once a day, what sets you apart?  This workshop will give you the soft skills to grow loyalty and engagement from your followers.




This program will show you how to optimize your Facebook and Instagram pages for business.  Learn how to communicate your brand and grow your social media presence! We’ll be doing practical, hands-on activities to increase your skills on your own devices. With a focus on styling your photos and creating quality content, this workshop will equip you with all the skills and knowledge you’ll need to post with confidence!

TOPIC 1 – Psychology of Online Marketing

This is a quick discussion of what makes people click the LIKE button, what people gravitate to online, and the subconscious forces at play.  Once you are aware of some of these human traits, you can “hack” them for improved engagement and more loyalty!

TOPIC 2 – What To Post

This tends to be where most people get hung up – running dry on content.  We will give you some strategies so that you don’t feel boring, and brainstorm custom solutions for your industry.  We are also going to do a quick tutorial on editing your photos for more clicks, and creating your own simple graphics!

TOPIC 3 – The Marketing Plan Saves Time

We will show you some planning tips that will reduce how much time you spend on social.  We’ll also suggest an ad campaign set up that could work for your business, the metrics of what you should be tracking, where you should be putting your money, and how much to spend!

 You will learn:

  • Tagging, sharing, hastagging & posting strategies
  • How to create captivating content
  • How to communicate your brand in your photos
  • How to increase engagement with your followers
  • How to use Instagram stories, Boomerangs & other creative content
  • (There will be a light review of reel strategy but reel building is a dedicated workshop)
  • A brief look at boosting posts & ads
  • Recommended apps and posting tools
This workshop will include lots of content ideas, and brainstorming for your specific business if desired.
** Please Bring your smartphone and notebooks!

**Please do not attend this session if you are experiencing any of the symptoms associated with COVID-19. All relevant protocols will be followed at our location.


Brand Ambition Studios

3rd Floor

182 Wellington St. Bowmanville ON

(Free Parking.  Recommended to park in the back lot, and enter the building through the ManAntler Beer Brewery Door)


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