Shameer Arain



Shameer was looking for a sleek and sophisticated brand to help position him as a leading Toronto realtor. We chose predominately black and white visuals with strong architectural influences to give power and elegance to his business, and a punch of modern orange to make it instantly recognizable.




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Indeed – Product Photography

This skin-care company needed a library of eclectic and colorful product photography to engage its Instagram accounts and provide the foundation for future ad campaigns and web content. This 3-day shoot was all about the logistics, with hours devoted to prop styling and color coordination. 

Team Copeland – Branding

This family real estate team was looking to unite their efforts under a classy brand that represented the Northumberland Hills and their personal talents and tastes. What do you think about this upscale yet down to earth brand.

Wilmot Blueberry Orchard

Like many farms and orchards, this was a family business, and as management of the company passed to a new generation, it became a priority to update and modernize the company’s visuals. See how we did it while honoring the heritage of the blueberry orchard.

Three Sparrows Balloon Studio – Branding

This logo has special meaning for this business owner, who actually had it tattooed on her forearm! A frequent collaborator with Brand Ambition, we love watching this company grow and are thrilled to share this professional party brand.

East City Candles – Branding

This brand was designed to match up with the nostalgic photography and colour palettes of Laurel’s work. An early break from the bright watercolour shades that were popular at the time, it is filled with personal meaning and will always be special to our team.

Redefined Finds – Branding

Re-defined Finds INSPIRATION: This successful shop has been in business for several years and was celebrating by updating her interior decor. We were so thrilled when her interior designer at The Inspiration Nest recommended us to update her brand to match! Nominated...

Rolling Grape – Vineyard Branding

We created the brand, labels, and website, and have been a long-term collaborator with this family-owned farm.

Derek Baird Team – Branding

Derek Baird is passing his very successful real estate team to his sons. We worked with them to collaborate on an updated modern brand that paid homage to their dad’s legacy. These remain some of our favorite shoots ever, with images that are now on billboards across their local area.

Stonehouse Staging – Branding

It was a stroke of genius when our designer came up with the simple hand-drawn house logo.  It looks like something that is on every family refrigerator door, and it warms our hearts. This brand channels HOME, just like Jill’s magical syle.

The Rustic Board – Charcuterie Brand

We knew a hand-illustrated logo was a MUST to match this brand’s “rustic” vibes. And of course, we recommended that a charcuterie company have a photoshoot so that we could play with all that yummy food!

Shameer Arain – realtor brand

A sleek and sophisticated brand positions this professional as a leading Toronto realtor. Predominately black and white visuals with strong architectural influences suggest power with elegance. A punch of modern orange makes this aesthetic instantly recognizable.

Rejuvenate – Spa Brand

We gave this spa brand a modern, clean look, utilizing a very trendy line art in the logo. Nadine wanted the brand to feel upscale, simple and peaceful. This beauty service is truly beautiful.

Nicholls & Associates – Interior Designers

This well-established interior design firm is a leader in its industry. Nicholls & Associates has passed from its founder to a new generation of talent and It needed to be updated while keeping the look recognizable to its long-term clients. We helped to modernize its visuals while paying respect to its heritage.

Inner Circle Jane Thuet – Realtor Brand

Real estate agent Jane Thuet was looking for a gender-neutral, black and white brand. Thanks to a great team name, we were able to create this sleek, attractive look that will draw both clients and talented agents to grow the brand.

Online Clinic – Naturopathic Brand

This team of professionals in naturopathic medicine and natural health care are teaming up to create an online resource for clients. This bright, approachable and tech-friendly brand gives everyone access to holistic healthcare – no matter where they live!

John Shields Realtor Branding

This professional masculine real estate brand features a highly symbolic logo. The iconography includes a shield, a Superman symbol, and a men’s tie, all rolled into one!

Bathbomb Chick Rebrand

Bathbomb Chick RebrandINSPIRATION: This brand fully celebrates the modern Instagram aesthetic with playful colours, a touch of weirdness and some badassery for good measure. The font for this brand is inspired by a lipstick message on a bathroom mirror. Overall, we...

Goddess Bakery Brand

This brand is broadly inspired by our client’s family roots in Greece. We used Mediterranean inspired tile patterns, classic faded blues, and pinks, and a hand-drawn goddess.


Bragg Family Farm Rebrand

The Bragg family farm is a pillar of the local agricultural community and long known for its birdseed blends. As the children of the Bragg family moved into management roles, they hoped to modernize the look and prepare the farm’s marketing for more agri-tourism based opportunities.